About Us

When it comes to today’s modern legal professionals, the world has changed. Where in years past most attorneys simply relied on word-of-mouth to get clients and provide legal information, today’s law practices make good use of digital design and publishing platforms to provide insight and commentary on a variety of issues. As a result, lawyers throughout the world are empowered to advance and expand their practices, leading to greater working relationships with their clients.

Our Mission

By using modern blog publishing platforms, continuing education, and a variety of other resources, we believe it’s possible to see the legal profession expand in ways never thought of only a few years ago.

Our Vision

Much like our mission, our vision is to see law become more accessible by offering a publishing platform that allows expertise to be shared not only among lawyers, but also with consumers.

The Importance of Blogging

When consumers want information in today’s world, they rarely open a book. Instead, they sit down at their computer or grab their mobile device and head straight to an online blog. Once there, they expect to find exactly what they’re looking for, explained in an easy-to-understand manner. For lawyers, blogging represents not only numerous opportunities, but also a variety of challenges.

A Smart Investment

By using a digital design and publishing platform designed especially for the legal profession, blogging can be a very smart investment for any firm. This is because it helps attorneys tackle many of their toughest challenges, such as developing a first-class reputation, positioning themselves within the industry, and showing themselves to be tech-savvy.

Getting Discovered and Referred

Since today’s legal profession is more competitive than ever, it’s a must for attorneys to rank as high as possible in online searches. By having blogs that are informative and consumer-friendly, that’s not a problem. With an effective blog, search engines get relevant content that has a narrow focus, resulting in keywords and names being matched on a regular basis. And finally, by sharing your knowledge online, people will always keep you in mind when they need expert legal advice.

The Way to Get Hired

Once a person discovers a well-written blog that has the information they need, there’s no doubt it will lead to a face-to-face meeting with a potential client. By using blogs as a showcase for your expertise in one or more areas of law, clients will gain confidence in your ability to help them navigate the most complex of cases. And along with getting new clients, an effective blog will also help you gain tremendous respect among colleagues, positioning you well ahead of your competition.

By having a strong desire to share your legal knowledge with others through using a digital design and publishing platform that’s second-to-none, you may suddenly find yourself inching up higher and higher on the latest search engine results. And when you do, you’ll know that by continuing on your current path, success is sure to follow in numerous areas of your practice.